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Key institutions
European Court of Human Rights
The Organization of American States is a multi-national organization designed to preserve state sovereignty while upholding human rights in the Americas. It has 35 Member States and is able to influence policy and law in these states by making binding and non-binding decisions. Together, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and Inter-American Court of Human Rights make up the human rights protection system of the OAS.
European Court of Human Rights
The court enforces and interprets the provisions of the American Convention on Human Rights, the main human rights instrument of the OAS. It hears and rules on specific cases brought to it by states that have ratified the convention, and also issues opinions on matters of legal interpretation brought to it by other OAS bodies or Member States.

European Court of Human Rights
The commission’s main task is to promote the observance and defence of human rights in the Americas. It meets several times a year to examine violations of human rights in the region.

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Vision for the OAS
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ADF International has strategically positioned offices in the US and Mexico. These locations ensure that we are able to effectively engage with the OAS, which consists of Members States from Latin America, the Caribbean, the US, and Canada. Along with our network of allied lawyers, our presence in these areas allows us to conduct our legal advocacy work throughout the region.

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