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Commentary on Special Envoy on Religious Freedom and Belief; ADF International launches Freedom Blog on Euractiv

BRUSSELS – Could the EU do a better job when it comes to promoting and protecting human rights worldwide? Sophia Kuby, the Director of EU Advocacy for ADF International is convinced that this is the case. On the recently launched Euractiv Freedom Blog, she describes four steps that would make the EU’s commitment for human rights more coherent and convincing, particularly when it comes to the fundamental right of religious freedom.

If the EU is serious about its commitment to peace, democracy, and human rights, it has to step up its efforts on freedom of religion or belief. This can only be done meaningfully by establishing an EU Special Representative on Freedom of Religion or Belief. It should make religious freedom a priority in the EU’s external action”, writes Sophia Kuby on the Freedom Blog.

Main media platform for EU insiders

The recently launched Freedom Blog is hosted by Euractiv, one of the most influential media outlets focused on EU politics. Topics will include freedom of religion, conscience, speech, and the right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children, as well as other related topics. The focus of the blog will be on developments at the EU level and on other international institutions, such as the UN and the Council of Europe.

Visit our FREEDOM BLOG and find Sophia Kuby’s commentary here.


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